Gamling – A Hero of Rohan


Gamling is a loyal and able soldier of Rohan in King Theoden’s royal guard. He was sworn to protect the king, but his allegiance to him was tested when Gandalf the White and his companions came to Edoras seeking an audience with Theoden. As Wormtongue’s men drew blades against the guests and the Wizard advanced upon the undefended king, Gamling was moved to intervene. His sword was stayed by his fellow guard Hama, who perceived Gandalf’s true intentions.

Despite the fact that Gamling was an old man, he was still a brave warrior when he led his company down to the Battle of Pelennor Fields, blowing the king’s great horn and signalling the charge. He survived the assault and went on to fight the Mumakil, acquiring a bow and firing arrows at the Mumak’s eyes at Eomer and Theoden’s command.

He later defended the path to the doorway of the Glittering Caves, assisting Gimli and other soldiers until help arrived from Theodren’s nephew and heir, Eomer, and Gandalf the Grey.

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