Gamling in the Lord of the Rings


In the film Lord of the Rings, Peter Jackson and Bruce Hopkins played the role of Gamling, a creature that exhibited the characteristics of both Hama and Elfheim. In the book, Gamling first appears as a close friend of Hama, whom he eventually kills when he tries to interfere with Aragorn and his company, Grima Wormtongue. This act also allows Gamling to see the future, and may lead to further changes in the characters.

In the movie, Gamling is the oldest captain of the Rohirrim, and is King Theoden’s close advisor. The mighty Fortress of Helm’s Deep is a stone fortress that is built deep into the White Mountains. King Theoden and Gamling ride together in the fortress, and Gamling protects them from enemies, even if this means facing danger. But the journey to Helm’s Deep is not without danger. Gamling’s friendship with King Theoden allows Gamling to serve alongside him.

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