Lord of the Rings Characters – Gamling


In the Lord of the Rings series, the role of Gamling is expanded in the film adaptations, based on several different characters from the books. In the books, he appears as a permanent garrison captain at Helm’s Deep, and likely answers to Theodred before his death and Erkenbrand after his defeat. In the movies, Gamling is the second-in-command to Hama the door warden, and later appears as a replacement for Deorwine.

In the Lord of the Rings trilogy, Gamling was portrayed by Bruce Hopkins and Peter Jackson. The actor’s portrayal of the character is an amalgam of several characters, including Guthlaf and Hama. In the novel, Gamling is the son of Guthlaf, a dwarf who possessed the ability to’see’. His descendants were the Elfen kings, and they are the last of the Sauron clan.

After the events of The Lord of the Rings, Gamling was sent to Dunharrow as a messenger. While there, he met Eomer and was amused by the wizard’s jabs at Meriadoc Brandybuck. King Theoden sent Gamling to Dunharrow, where he ate lunch with Eomer and made fun of the lord’s servant, Meriadoc Brandybuck.

In the Return of the King, Gamling is depicted as the main captain of Rohan. He replaces Elfhelm, and replaces Guthlaf as banner-bearer. But Theoden reprimands him, and kills him. In the film adaptation, Gamling also serves as the commander of Rohan’s army, and leads a portion of his army to stand by the banner of the King.

The Return of the King introduces Gamling, an Elf who doubts Aragorn’s loyalty to his host. Gamling later doubts that Aragorn would leave his host and return home. However, many Rohirrim regarded Aragorn as a hero and their leader from Helm’s Deep. His hero status is acknowledged by theoden to Eowyn. There are several other occurrences in the film series where Gamling plays a pivotal role.

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